About the Books

Dyin’s Easy

By Gary Prisk

Team #7

The world’s richest bankers are killing Special Service British Commandos to keep their currency arbitrage plans a secret. By raiding the stocks of Germany’s most prosperous industrial companies, Keppler’s Circle of Friends intend to elevate Heinrich Himmler to Chancellor, and rid Germany of Adolf Hitler.

Captain Edward Hardin is their last obstacle.

Experience the betrayal. The futility of being British paratroopers emersed in the chaos, the jungles of Southeast Asia, circa 1939. Of being on a Special Operations team not listed in England’s War Establishment Documents. Of never finding your name on the army’s casualty listing. Of being shadow and sand.

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Digger, Dogface, Brownjob, Grunt

By Gary Prisk

A platoon sergeant is tied to a bamboo pole and loaded on a Huey to start his R&R. declaring that the author was going home in a rubber bag.

Digger, Dogface, Brownjob, Grunt is the short result of twenty years of rewrites, slanderous edits, rogue commas, bomb-happy em dashes, and forty-grit dialogue. Laugh and cry as you might, Digger, Dogface,… was written for, and is dedicated to, those who love and support the warriors left standing, and those who cherish the memory of a loved-one lost.

Take a full-immersion dip into the hellhole of 1960’s Vietnam. Crawl inside the head of Lt. Edward Hardin and walk the tightrope between sanity and surreal reality. Then close the book thanking it wasn’t you. You will finish this book a different person than the one who started it.

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