About the Book

Dyin’s Easy

By Gary Prisk

The world’s richest bankers are killing Special Service British Commandos to keep their currency arbitrage plans a secret. By raiding the stocks of Germany’s most prosperous industrial companies, Keppler’s Circle of Friends intend to elevate Heinrich Himmler to Chancellor, and rid Germany of Adolf Hitler.

Captain Edward Hardin is their last obstacle.

Team #7


My thanks to Captain Michael B. Edwards, US Navy a lifelong friend, a legend, and a member of the “Brown-Water Navy” during Vietnam’s War.

Experience the betrayal. The futility of being British paratroopers emersed in the chaos, the jungles of Southeast Asia, circa 1939. Of being on a Special Operations team not listed in England’s War Establishment Documents. Of never finding your name on the army’s casualty listing. Of being shadow and sand.

Operation Snow White begins as an eight-man, long-range penetration mission with a night parachute drop into Northern Tonkin. Within moments, running through Southern Burma, it devolves into the survival of Major Edward Hardin. As Special Ops team leader (code name, Doc) Hardin, with the help of his best mate Uncle Dingo, runs an escape route from one chance-light to the next, dodging the Queen Mother’s intelligence operatives.

Developed scene by scene as a layered narrative, Gary Prisk shows the reader the intensities of international intrigue. The cast ranges from a spy in MI6 to German and English bankers and industrialists all the way through their well-paid assassins.

With unmatched depth, Gary Prisk introduces the reader to characters so deeply mired in the chaos of deceit, the reader will anticipate the run from Burma to China Bay, from Worli Island to Aden, from Cairo to Malta, and Marseille to England.