About the Book

Digger, Dogface, Brownjob, Grunt

By Gary Prisk

Digger, Dogface, Brownjob, Grunt is the short result of twenty years of rewrites, slanderous edits, rogue commas, bomb-happy em dashes, and forty-grit dialogue. Laugh and cry as you might, Digger, Dogface,… was written for, and is dedicated to, those who love and support the warriors left standing, and those who cherish the memory of a loved-one lost.

Take a full-immersion dip into the hellhole of 1960’s Vietnam. Crawl inside the head of Lt. Edward Hardin and walk the tightrope between sanity and surreal reality. Then close the book thanking it wasn’t you. You will finish this book a different person than the one who started it.

Inside the mind, inside the chaos, inside the war. The lucid prose depicts Vietnam with a merciful dose of gripping realism as characters and events penetrate the lives of readers, making this a memorable and powerfully written account. Although a “novel,” the book reflects the thoughts of a Viet Nam Platoon Leader/Company Czaptain who served in country from 1967-68. You’ll laugh, cry and remember the good times with your similar years in the service. Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam: if you want to understand, you need to read this book. A well-written and a great “read,” you’ll be better for having read it.

Two pictures to help you laugh while you’re crying. (Black Humor 101)